The wacky world of YouTubers is saturated with weird, interesting, funny, and bizarre channels. And then there’s the YouTubers based in South Florida. From a couple of young girls who introduced the world to chongas to a lady who invented an exercise where you basically trot around like a horse to a quirky bodybuilder who attracts thousands, South Florida-based YouTubers are, well, very Florida.

It’s hard to figure how one becomes a YouTube star, and some are bigger than others. But the internet is a strange, fickle place. One minute, you’re a sock puppet with a mustache; the next, you have thousands upon thousands of fans subscribing to your channel. Some are so intriguing, they’ve had entire features written about them. That’s wacky.

Here now are the seven best South Florida-based YouTubers and what makes them so quintessentially Florida:
Source: The Seven Best YouTubers Based in Florida | New Times Broward-Palm Beach
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