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THE Town of Lauderdale By The Sea (LBTS) is situated on a barrier island 7 feet above sea level and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Intracoastal Waterway on the west. The Town is centered at the intersection of Commercial Boulevard and our favorite highway A1A and once you arrive (there’s a Town parking and walking map available below if you need one) it’s not likely you’ll need your vehicle again until you’re ready to leave. For those who want to explore a little further beyond where your feet are willing to take you, there are bike rentals available as well as a free community bus called the Pelican Hopper that’s air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible and equipped with bike racks.

Ready for some fun in the sun? Make your way to this fantastic certified “Blue Wave” beach; a designation from the Clean Beach Coalition based on specific criteria that include excellence in water quality, beach conditions, safety services, and habitat conservation. With coral reefs just 100 yards off the beach and close enough to swim to, LBTS is a popular spot among snorkeling and diving enthusiasts of all skill levels (dive flags required).

When you’re ready for a beach break, how about a little retail therapy? Spanning the entire length of Commercial Boulevard from the Anglin’s Fishing Pier on the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway, you’ll find dozens of specialty shops and boutiques waiting for you. And when you’re ready to refuel, you’re likely to find the range of restaurant options, from diners to fine dining, just what you’re looking for and all within a short walk of the beach. .

And at the end of the day whether you choose superior small lodging, pet friendly or a beach hotel to call home during your stay, you’ll discover why visitors from around the corner and around the world, find what they’re looking for in this charming seaside community; Lauderdale By The Sea. If you’re interested in reading more about the recent happenings, here’s a link to our Lauderdale By The Sea Journal (blog) page.


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Spectacular Lauderdale By The Sea

Inside Reef: Coral reefs occupy less than one quarter of one percent of the planet’s marine environment, but are home to more than 25 percent of all fish species. Reefs are considered the most biologically-diverse marine eco-systems on earth and are rivaled only by the tropical rainforests on land. This pic was taken in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea where you’ll find a living coral reef less than 100 yards from the shoreline and just south of Anglin Pier. Here, the reef is so close to the beach, it’s even accessible to snorkelers. If you decide to come here and explore, the address for the Pier is 2 Commercial Blvd, 33308.


10-25-lauderdale-by-the-sea-1005-480x640-optHere’s a haunt from Brian Roesch’s book titled “Another Sixth Sense”. Under the New River near downtown Ft. Lauderdale where US 1 and E Las Olas Blvd. intersect, you’ll find the north entrance of the Henry E. Kinney Tunnel and it’s said to be haunted. There have been reports of a man estimated to be between 60 and 70 years old, wearing a brown suit dodging traffic, standing, or walking along the walkway in the tunnel heading southbound. Some say it’s the ghost of Henry E. Kinney (the tunnel was named after him about a year after he died) while other sources we found identify the shadowy apparitions as those of Native Americans. As the Stranahan House is near the north end of the tunnel and Smoker Park is near the south end (both are also alleged to be haunted) it’s of little wonder why a significant amount of paranormal activity has been recorded in this area. If you follow the New River northeast for about 5 miles or so (and we definitely recommend taking A1A/ N. Ocean Blvd. to do it) you’ll run right into the spectacular beachside community of Lauderdale by the Sea where this pic was shot and if you decide to make your way here too, head toward 2 Commercial Blvd., 33308.

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