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Annabel: Siren of A1A


We’ve been researching and sharing stories about A1A history and legends for so long now we decided it was about time for us to create one of our own. So for all of the kindred spirits who march to the beat of a slightly different drum, we’d like to introduce you to the legend of Annabel, Siren of A1A’s Atlantic coast.

Among all of the sea creature and sea monster stories we’ve ever heard, perhaps none have frightened us as much as the tales of the Siren. The ancient Sirens were dangerous sea nymphs, supernatural beings who are described as beautiful, bewitching, and treacherous. Skilled with magnificent, melodic voices, the sweet songs of the Sirens were said to have lured sea lovers and travelers from across the globe to their gruesome and untimely demise. Anyone who heard the song of the Siren became totally mesmerized and obsessed with reaching them just to get closer to their enchanting sounds and only to be tragically devoured by the Sirens’ insatiable appetite for human flesh. Pretty scary right?

From the Greek ‘mythos’ for story-of-the-people, and ‘logos’ for word or speech, mythology is the study and interpretation of sacred tales or fables and among them of course, is the legend of the Siren. Long before the name of Florida was ever spoken or recorded on a map, ancient civilizations established viable trade routes and countless vessels have sailed our spectacular coastal waters carrying precious cargo and crew; most reached their destinations safely, many however simply disappeared. While hurricanes, coastal reefs, shallow shores, and even pirates have been used to rationalize and explain their disappearance, we wondered – could there be another, more sinister and ancient explanation? One that includes a creature that is deceptively beautiful with the legs of a bird, the tail of a sea serpent, the mark of the trident, and razor sharp nails and teeth? Could all of these disappearances been the work of Annabel, Siren of A1A’s Atlantic coast?

The tees are available in the 5 A1Amazing colors pictured below (Burnt Orange, Deep Heather Grey, Aqua Blue, Heather Green, and Heather Team Purple) and come in 8 sizes from XS through 4XL.


These unisex short-sleeve essential Bella+Canvas tees will fit like a well-loved favorite! They’re 4.2 oz., super soft, feature a crew neck and are designed with superior combed and ring-spun cotton. Aqua and Burnt Orange are 100% Combed and Ringspun Cotton and the 3 Heather Colors are 52% Combed Ringspun Cotton and 48% Polyester. Available in eight sizes: XS (31″-34″ Chest); S (34″-37″ Chest); M (38″-41″ Chest); L (42″-45″ Chest); XL (46″-49″ Chest); 2XL (50″-53″ Chest); 3XL (54″-57″ Chest); 4XL (58″-61″ Chest).

If you have any questions please contact us before placing your order; here’s the link to the contact form.

For all of the brave explorers who want to rock a new legend, use the Buy Now button to order your custom tee today; eat, beach and be scary!



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