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NAMED for the numerous deer that once roamed the area, the town of Deerfield changed its name to The City of Deerfield Beach in 1951 and today is known for its award winning “Blue Wave” beach; a designation from the Clean Beach Coalition based on specific criteria that include excellence in water quality, beach conditions, safety services, and habitat conservation.

In its one-mile stretch of beach, there are nine lifeguard towers with lifeguards present from 9am to 5pm every day of the year. Surfing is permitted on the north side of the pier and south of lifeguard tower number seven. Sand volleyball courts and recreational areas are also located on the north side of the pier.

Roughly two-dozen Parks & Facilities surround the City of Deerfield Beach with six locations hugging route A1A. Attracting thousands of locals and visitors each year, the 976 foot International Fishing Pier is the jewel of the beach where you can participate in group or private fishing lessons, fishing excursions, environmental workshops, or just enjoy a glorious sunrise (varying pier rates may apply).

If you prefer to spend your time under water, then snorkeling Deerfield Reef is a must and for the environmentally conscious thrill seeker, check out Ski Rixen Cable Park. Whether you’re passionate about splashing around in the waves, exploring the area’s natural wonders, scuba, or watersports you’ll find enough here to satisfy the appetite of outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

When your day in the sun comes to an end, be sure to check out the great local bars and restaurants, live entertainment, or a continually growing list of festivals and events. And at the end of the day whether you’re looking for a spa/resort, hotel/motel, superior small lodging, pet friendly, or beach property to call home during your stay, you’ll discover why visitors from around the corner and around the world, find what they’re looking for on beautiful Deerfield Beach. If you’re interested in reading more about the recent happenings, here’s a link to our Deerfield Beach Journal (blog) page.

Some A1A-mazing History…


Lifeguard Station Deerfield Beach

BEACH TOWERS: We found the following story on the Deerfield Beach Historical Society website – According to local pioneer, Molly Wiles Butler, there were two watch towers on Deerfield Beach to watch the coastline for Nazi boats and planes during WWII. Ms. Butler, her husband, her father J.B. Wiles, and others took turns manning the towers. They would call the offices at the Boca Club to report their sightings. Reports of Germans coming ashore from submarines off Palm Beach County have been controversial since World War II ended. This is a pic of the two-story towers that now appear on Deerfield Beach and while these towers continue to guard and save lives, from now on they will also serve to remind us how truly fortunate we are for their present-day function. If you decide to come and explore the area, here’s the address to a great place to start – Deerfield Beach Pier – 200 NE 21st Avenue, 33441.


07-09 DEERFIELD BEACH-BEACH 4 OPTWHAT’S IN A NAME: From DeerfieldBeachHistoricalSociety.com we learned that before the area became Deerfield Beach, it was called Deerfield and before it was called Deerfield, it was named Hillsborough (named after the Earl of Hillsborough) by C.E. Hunt, a Civil Engineer for Henry Flagler’s railroad. As the railroad continued to move south and the number of passengers increased, both local engineers and the train passengers on the railroad were struck by an abundance of deer as they passed by; as the reputation grew, the town’s name was changed to Deerfield. Before 1917, the only way to cross over the Hillsboro River/Intracoastal Waterway to the beach was by boat or to swim. Deerfield’s original bridge was a revolving structure with a wooden floor that was opened by a hand crank. The bridge could turn parallel to the shore allowing boats to pass. Once across the bridge, the road turned northeast and ended where the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier is today. If you look super hard you can see the Pier in the background of this pic snapped on Deerfield Beach and if you decide to come here and explore, the Pier address is 200 NE 21st Ave., 33441.


A BIT OF HISTORY: From deerfield-beach.com we learned that while the city’s non-native history began in 1877, it would be another 20 years before the first post office was established to serve the population of Deerfield’s 20 settlers. It is said the name was chosen because of the numerous deer that grazed along the Hillsboro River that formed the area’s northern boundary. By 1910, the intersection of today’s Hillsboro Boulevard and Dixie Highway was the focus of Deerfield’s businesses. At the time, Dixie Highway consisted of a nine-foot wide dirt trail and included a handful of stores, a lodge, the post office, and two hotels. The key to the area’s economy lay at the produce shed adjacent to the railway depot where farmers brought their vegetables and fruits there for shipment north. Gradually the community evolved from an economy based on agriculture to one based on tourism so much so, that by 1951 the word “Beach” was added to the city’s name. We shot this pic on spectacular Deerfield Beach and if you decide to make your way here and explore, head toward 105 S Ocean Way, 33441.

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