Grab A Passport – Explore A1A


Almost everyone has heard of the wonders to be discovered on Route 66 and California’s Pacific Coast Highway, now it’s time to welcome an East Coast partner for these iconic highways; Florida’s A1A. For anyone unfamiliar with Florida A1A, its northern tip is on Amelia Island and its southern tip is on Key West and in between are roughly 600 miles of exhilarating coastline passing through some of the most extraordinary seaside communities on the planet; some well-known, others are simply treasures waiting to be discovered by new explorers of A1A.

By stringing together a series of destinations or activities via a Passport to Explore A1A, we set out to create a fun, interactive, super low-tech, and groovy new way to encourage visitors and locals to get out and explore more of this iconic route.

The effort began in January of 2015, followed by a successful crowdfunding campaign in April 2016 that helped us develop the first passport tour. The theme of the first tour was determined by popular vote through social media.  The winning theme was wineries and distilleries which prompted us to name the inaugural event, the Wine & Spirits Tour and seven extraordinary artisan locations collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind tasting experience that can only be described as pure Florida.

Explorers ready? Passports ready? Go! Passport to Explore A1A – Wine &  Spirits Tour

For the second passport adventure we again turned to our extraordinary community of explorers and in a wild finish, less than two-tenths of one percent separated the popular vote that would determine the theme of our next epic passport adventure. Coming in first-place was ‘Weird/Unusual Things’ followed closely by the second-place winner ‘Historic Things’. Thrilled with both the first and second place finishers, we set out to combine both winning themes into one epic road trip and since ‘Historically Odd’ or ‘Oddly Historical’ didn’t seem like a fitting title for the new tour we decided to create one that captured the spirit of the upcoming adventure and now, explorers can experience ten fantastical destinations in the Passport to Explore A1A: Magical History Tour.

Explorers can now create A1A-mazing memories as they make their way from Amelia Island to Key West to experience an eclectic mix of 10 uncommon destinations lovingly curated for their magical and historic significance.

Explorers ready? Passports ready? Go! Passport to Explore A1A: Magical History Tour

Over the coming weeks, months, and years as we continue to roll-out more passport adventures, we invite you to join us as we seek out extraordinary collaborations that build epic road trips, unique experiences, and A1A-mazing memories that will last a lifetime.

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