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KNOWN as “The Dive Capital of the World”, Key Largo is the northern most and longest of the Florida Keys and gained its early fame in the late 1940s due in part to the classic Bogie & Bacall film “Key Largo”. In fact, the Caribbean Club that provided the setting for some of the movie’s scenes still thrives and remains one of a host of waterfront dining options you’ll have here.

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One of the few places in the world (perhaps only) where you can do all three of these activities underwater; exchange vows, honeymoon, and have a pizza delivered (no kidding), you’ll not likely ever run out of things to do in this visitor’s paradise. And whether you choose to snorkel, dive, explore the reefs from above the water in a glass bottom boat, immerse yourself in any number of eco-excursions, or do absolutely nothing at all, you’ll find Key Largo ready to indulge and accommodate you.

How about a little arts & entertainment, gallery hopping, shopping, and food festivals? Yep, that’s here too. And with an ever growing calendar of events, you’re bound to find something to excite and entertain you while you’re here.

Working up an appetite yet? While fresh, local seafood tops the dining charts here, you’ll also find nearly every other dining option available as well and of course you’ll never have to look very far to find incredible key lime pie. Whether you choose to dine on or off of the waterfront, you’ll find many pet friendly restaurants happily ready to serve you.

And at the end of the day whether you choose a hotel or motel, vacation rental, efficiency, pet friendly, campground, or waterfront property to call home during your stay, you’ll discover why visitors from around the corner and around the globe choose legendary Key Largo to return to again and again. If you’re interested in reading more about the recent happenings, here’s a link to our Key Largo Journal (blog) page.


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KEY LARGO-CARIBBEAN CLUB 18CARIBBEAN CLUB: Key Largo gained significant island fame as the setting for the 1948 film “Key Largo”. It was the fourth and final film pairing of husband and wife screen legends Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. While most of the film was shot in Los Angeles, there were a few local landmarks that made their way on to the big screen; one of which is the Caribbean Club pictured here. Located near mile marker 105, we recommend taking your beverage of choice out back (the Long Island Iced Tea was delicious) to watch the extraordinary sunset. On our most recent visit they still didn’t accept credit cards so bring cash with you if you want to avoid an ATM fee. If you decide to check it out, the address is 104080 Overseas Hwy, 33037.



07-27 KEY LARGO ANGLERS PARK 300 (2) 480x640BLACKWATER SOUND: Originally called Cayo Largo (Long Island) by the Spanish, Key Largo is the largest and northernmost island of the Florida Keys and is roughly 70% larger than the next largest island in the Keys chain. The island is about 30 miles long and as a comparison in acreage, is similar in size to Manhattan Island, NY. Key Largo has the distinction of having the only living coral barrier reef in North America and includes roughly 190 square miles of coral reefs, 55 types of coral, seagrass beds, mangrove swamps, and more than 600 species of fish all of which attract underwater enthusiast from around the globe and contribute to this Key’s reputation as the “Diving Capital of the World”. This pic was shot on the island’s west side overlooking Blackwater Sound which offers one of the most magnificent sunsets we’ve ever seen and if you decide to make your way here too, head toward mile marker 104.


TAVERNIER IGUANA-OPTTAVERNIER: For anyone seeing one for the first time, the wild green iguana can be quite a site. According to the Green Iguana Society, wild green iguanas in Florida are a mix of former pets and the offspring of these animals and, are generally thought not to be native to the United States. This places wild green iguanas in the category of “invasive” or “exotic” species — non-native species that have been introduced into a new habitat; most of which are believed to have come from the pet trade. While some people find wild green iguanas to be a beautiful addition to the Florida landscape, the fact is that at this time, they do not have a balanced place in the ecosystem with predators and competitors to keep their populations in check. This pic was taken in Tavernier from the back patio at Made 2 Order (fantastic breakfast by the way) and while the girth of this lizard’s midsection may not be evident in this photo, it was truly impressive and based on best guesstimate, it was no less than 4 feet long. If it’s still possible to think about food right now and you find yourself on the southern end of Key Largo hungry for an amazing breakfast, make your way to the back patio at Made 2 Order in Tavernier near mile marker 90.5 (Oceanside) 90691 Old Hwy., 33070.


key-largo-florida-city-alabama-jacks-2-optALABAMA JACKS: One of the many things we love about the Netflix series ‘Bloodline’ is that it features real locations that fans (like us) can visit and if you enjoy that kind of thing too, this post is for you! Located just north of the Monroe County Road Toll Bridge on one of only two roads that motorists can leave or enter the Florida Keys, you’ll find Alabama Jacks, a funky waterside spot with strong cocktails, live music, and the occasional spirited entertainment (check out our YouTube post) and it was in this very location where Bloodline’s fictional Rayburn family’s oldest son Danny makes a stop before returning home for the 45th anniversary celebration of his parents’ hotel (Season 1, Episode 1, about 9 ½ minutes in). We shot this pic @ Alabama Jacks near North Key Largo and if you want to come and explore this lively hotspot for yourself, make your way to 58000 Card Sound Rd., 33030.


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