From we discovered the “love trees” of St. Augustine — the almost magical entwining of two separate species of trees, growing in or around each other. Such trees are often deified in ancient mythology, spanning across cultures and religions, in tales like that of Baucis and Philemon, the elderly couple who were changed by the gods into an intertwining oak and linden upon their death. The trees of St. Augustine have their own fables too, particularly concerning the oak and palm tree outside the Love Tree Cottage. As the story goes: A couple wanted to plant a tree in their front yard but couldn’t decide which kind. The husband agreed to plant the palm tree his wife wanted but tricked her and instead placed the palm seeds inside a live oak but one day, a sabal palm (the state tree of Florida) suddenly jutted out from the top. The souls of the affectionate, if sometimes disagreeing, couple are said to rest in those leafy boughs, and if couples kiss below them they will stay together forever. There are a few of these love trees to be found around the city and if you want to make your way to this one, head to The Love Tree Cottage, 6 Cordova Street, St. Augustine, 32084.

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