Since it was our first time to give a standing ovation to the setting sun off the coast of Key West, we weren’t sure how the enthusiasm on this particular Friday night in February compared to that of every other day of the year when the Sunset Celebration takes center stage here.

But with a record low temperature set early that day when thermometers plummeted to 49 degrees on the southernmost island in the Keys, it’s probably a safe bet that it was a warmer than usual reception for the sun’s last flicker on the horizon. Applause, cheers and toasts to a golden sunset, highlighted by a few slivers of clouds, reverberated from the crowds sitting under colorful umbrellas listening to music on the dock across the way, down the boardwalk and to the heart of Mallory Square on the water’s edge.

via Saluting the sunset in Key West – San Antonio Express-News.

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