As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” Local native and filmmaker Quincy Perkins is experiencing this firsthand as the director of development with The Key West Film Festival. Key West is fast becoming a mecca of the arts whether it’s music, literature or now film. This November will be the sixth annual Key West Film Festival, “Passion meets Paradise,” and the organization is gaining recognition both locally and nationally. Now in his third year with the festival, Perkins admits, “We didn’t have the best relationship with the locals at first, and I don’t think our ideas came across those first couple of years. Now we are so inclusive, we want everyone’s input and everyone to enjoy it.” Last year, residents certainly took notice when Burt Reynolds walked on the stage at the San Carlos, so expect more A-list celebrity appearances in the future (Hint: Oscar A-list if all goes well). Perkins, who has worked with the Toronto and Sundance film festivals, is a creative force in the industry, implementing different ideas with Key West’s festival.


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