After a summer spent largely off the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Katharine the great white shark has turned south, and now appears to be headed for either Florida or the Bahamas.

One of the world’s most famous white sharks, Katharine was tagged by Ocearch off Cape Cod in August of 2013. At this time last year, she was swimming along the shores of Massachusetts, joining her fellow great whites there for the late summer season as the sharks took advantage of the region’s burgeoning seal population. In the intervening 12 months, however, Katharine has avoided returning to Cape Cod, first traveling to Florida before settling in almost exclusively off the coast of North Carolina for the year.

Last January, Katharine swam as far south as New Smyrna Beach, before turning northward once again. A unique shark, she exhibits a dramatic coastal pattern that not only keeps her near populated shorelines, but which also keeps her fin breaking the surface of the sea, constantly alerting both researchers and fans to her whereabouts. True to form, Katharine maintained her habit of frequenting coastal waters for much of the year, save for a few notable instances.

Wherever Katharine’s course next takes her, it appears unlikely that she will return to Cape Cod anytime before the end of 2015. Though cooling water temperatures will likely keep her south, it remains to be seen where Katharine the great white shark will spend her winter this year.

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