Whatever news we expected out of McDonald’s this week, it certainly wasn’t this.

There serving something VERY different on the menu…McDonald’s have surprised fans everywhere this week and it is nothing to do with the food they are serving.

Instead, the fast food giant has showed off their own range of clothing, aptly named the McDCouture Runway capsule collection.The collection featured 20 dresses made from wrappers from the restaurant, including a wedding dress that is proving to be a big hit with users.

The dresses were showcased at Miami Beach Funksion Fashion Week, and it was later revealed that the wedding dress had been made from 900 white burger wrappers, 60 yellow burger wrappers and 20 chip boxes.

Will you be ordering this for your big day?
Source: GALLERY: McDonalds Showed Off Their Couture Clothing And It Even Includes A Wedding Dress | Her.ie
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