These days, burlesque is largely known for its striptease, filled with beautiful costumes and tantalizing dances. But originally burlesque, which by definition means parody, began as a comedy act where men and women performed satirical social commentaries on culture. By the time of the Great Depression, vaudeville variety shows included acrobatics, singing, comedy, plays, magic, and the scantily clad beauties. This was known as the “Golden Era” of burlesque, and performer and producer of the Florida Burlesque Festival, Bambi La Fleur, is preserving this original style and bringing it to Florida audiences on Friday and Saturday at the Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale. Though many modern acts have strayed from the original concepts, putting their own spin on an old pastime, La Fleur is committed to producing what she calls “true burlesque.”

Source: Florida Burlesque Festival September 4 and 5 in Fort Lauderdale | New Times Broward-Palm Beach
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