Old joke: How do you know it’s fall in Florida? When the license plates change.

While it’s not going to take the leaf-peeping crown from North Carolina or Vermont, Florida does have a fall leaf season.

In a few places.

For a few moments.

No matter how subtle, let’s celebrate them because it means cold fronts (or, in the case of last winter, cool fronts), dry air and open windows will eventually follow.

Starting in late October or early November this far south, we’ll see our native red maples earn their names, standing out from the green crowd along the Turnpike. In wet areas, cypress needles will be turning gold then brown before the trees go nude for the winter.

Since South Florida’s landcape is full of palms and other evergreens, we don’t have the huge swaths of brilliant hues you find further north. Our deciduous trees turn more somber shades of rusty red, dull purple or umber.

To see Florida’s best fall color, you have to head north…
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