Tell a Miamian they need to go to Ft. Lauderdale, and you may as well tell them they’re driving to Alaska. West Palm Beach? That might as well be going to Mars. But in actuality, driving to the largest city in Palm Beach County can be done in just over an hour. Or, to put it in Miami terms, less time than it takes to get to West Kendall at rush hour. Once you arrive in West Palm, it will feel like an entirely different Florida. You’ll find a city striking the perfect balance of urban energy and tropical relaxation, with the grandeur of Palm Beach just a short ride from the electricity of Clematis. And if you haven’t been up to West Palm in a while, what they’ve done with the past in the last half decade will impress you. So come take a ride up I-95 to the tropical urban gem you probably didn’t know about. And see why West Palm Beach is worth the drive for an ideal weekend getaway.

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