When most people think of an ideal bar, death is probably not in the picture. But Captain Tony’s Saloon in Key West, Florida somehow does morbidity right.

Tony’s, located just off the island’s infamous Duval Street, became a local watering hole in 1931. Before the saloon’s existence, the building served as the local morgue-slash-icehouse, because it was the coldest spot in town. Although the morgue-turned bar has warmed up a bit since then, it’s certainly still cool, exuding the type of eccentric, rogue charm that Key West is known for.

Some people might be put off by so much death and mystery within a bar. But there really is something for everyone at Tony’s, from the pool tables to the extensive history and live music. You don’t need to be a ghost story enthusiast to have fun at Captain Tony’s Saloon, but it certainly helps.

Source: You Can Drink Rum Punch Next to a Grave at Key West’s Most Haunted Bar | MUNCHIES
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