Craig Agranoff is a man of many talents. He’s a CBS News television tech correspondent, a serial entrepreneur, a nationally respected social engagement and digital media adviser, a published author of three books, and an innovative political consultant.

But of all his many accolades, the title of which he’s the proudest is that of the country’s foremost pizza expert. To prove it, Agranoff created a website to catalog his cheese- and dough-filled conquests, known to many across South Florida and beyond as, a website dedicated to finding the best pizza places by — as he says — “sorting through the worst.” was conceived shortly after Agranoff moved to South Florida from Syosset, New York, in 1998. A lifelong pizza lover, the Long Island transplant says he had such a hard time finding a solid slice during his first year in the Sunshine State that he almost considered moving back.

“That’s when I decided to start a website that would help people find good pizza,” says Agranoff, who immediately began receiving hundreds of page hits a day after launching “I wasn’t doing any advertising, no promotion. People just wanted it. Before I knew it, the site was getting 1,000 page hits a day.”
Although the name implies that Agranoff is looking to expose the worst pizza, today he is quick to point out the real goal is to do the exact opposite: to help people find the best pizza — not only in South Florida — but also nationwide. However, in the beginning, his thinking was that by weeding through (and reporting on) all the pizza that sucked, he would create content that would stop readers from ever having to eat a bad slice again.

Source: WorstPizza.Com Founder Craig Agranoff Reveals His Favorite South Florida Pizza Restaurants | New Times Broward-Palm Beach
Use the source link above to see Agranoff’s top slices in Broward and Palm Beach counties so you “never eat a bad slice again.”
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