There’s a one-armed guitar player strumming away at a dive bar in Pompano Beach. Ordinarily, this would turn heads, but the few patrons in attendance on a Tuesday night seem more interested in their beer, and also, this is Pompano Beach, where something odd basically happens every second of every day. Perhaps if there were a three-eyed turtle playing the xylophone, folks would take note.

Either way, it’s their loss.

The guitarist is Kevin Millard (he calls himself Gimme 5), and he opens his set with a cover of “Creep” by Stone Temple Pilots. The first line of the chorus is “Take time with a wounded hand/’cause it likes to heal.” Get it?
This is the first time I’ve met Kevin in person and watched him play. He’s stocky, with the naturally thick build of a former construction worker. His arm and a half stick out through a black tank top, and neon beer signs circle his head like a halo. I introduced myself while he was setting up his equipment, and before I could process how or where to shake his hand, he extended his left fist for a friendly bump. I spoke to him on the phone once before, but Millard is the kind of guy you have to meet face-to-face. An iPhone does him about as much justice as a Polaroid does the Grand Canyon.

Source: Video: Kevin Millard Is South Florida’s Most Interesting One-Armed Guitarist | Miami New Times
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