There’s one less parking spot on East Las Olas on Friday, but something unusual is in its place.

Park(ing) Day, founded in 2005, falls on the third Friday in September. The international movement encourages citizens, artists and activists to create temporary tiny public spaces, or parklets, within metered parking spaces.

The idea is to call attention to the need for more urban open spaces.The trendy parklet movement is making its way from San Francisco to South Florida this weekend, with one Fort Lauderdale installation taking the form of an “origami-esque” public space.

This Origami Park on East Las Olas Boulevard between 13th and 15th Avenues was designed and created by local landscape architecture and urban design firm EDSA. Assembled early Friday morning, the pop-up parklet will remain installed until 5:30 p.m.

The firm’s original plan was for the entire installation to be made of origami paper; however, the team altered its plans because of Florida’s ever-changing weather.“It rained yesterday,” said Astrid Hoffman of EDSA. “So we felt that the installation couldn’t be made of paper; otherwise it would wilt.”

Source: This Origami-Esque Installation On Las Olas Designed By EDSA Shows Why We Need More Urban Public Spaces
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