Get ready for a superstar weekend, Brevard. You’ll be able to hear the “zooms” and mini sonic booms from the Navy Blue Angels, the headliners of the Melbourne Air and Space Show at Melbourne International Airport, and perhaps sounds of country music wafting in the air from Wickham Park in Melbourne, where the fifth-annual Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival is happening.

The Blue Angels, two Air Force F-22 Raptors, two Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons and “Fat Albert,” the C-130 support plane for the Blue Angels, arrived Thursday in support of the air show.

Estimated air show paid attendance will be 15,000 Saturday and Sunday.

The Melbourne Air and Space Show, which formerly was known as the Cocoa Beach Air Show, has had some changes in the past few years, most notably new locations and different dates.

via Things to know about Melbourne Air & Space Show.

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