What makes a good pie better than the rest?
First, the crust; it should be rich and smooth on the inside, and flaky on the outside, with just a touch of doughy chew. Ideally, it can hold the weight of syrup-laden fruit or heavy creams and custards.

Second, the filling, what should never be too sweet and cloying, too dry, or too dense. Neither should it be gummy, rubbery, or the texture of industrial gel.

Last, a topping that compliments but doesn’t steal the show, whether it’s a fluffy meringue or dense cloud of whipped cream. These are the criteria by which we’ve selected the best pies Broward and Palm Beach County have to offer.

Whether you prefer pumpkin or apple, chocolate cream or Key lime, there’s a sweet dessert here for you.

Source: The Best Pies in South Florida | New Times Broward-Palm Beach
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