After less than a year in Delray Beach, small-batch pickle producer Jolene Mirenna is building a customer base that stretches from the Keys to St. Augustine.Mirenna, 36, has been selling the tangy veggies at the Delray GreenMarket since October. The brand, Jolene’s Jar, comes in a peck of global flavors: Pickled Za’atar Cauliflower, Garam Masala Pickled Chickpeas, Pickled Ginger Carrots, Garlic Pickles with a Kick and Spicy Bloody Mary Garnish.Recently, Mirenna has added a spice mixture that’s proving to be a bestseller. A spoonful of her Bloody Mary Booster makes an instant cocktail when combined with tomato juice and vodka.

Source: Small-batch pickle producer grows brand organically – Sun Sentinel
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