An idea raised by a resident in March during a Satellite Beach Public Library community meeting has morphed into a lasting campaign to make the beachside city more environmentally friendly.

How? By promoting xeriscaping on residential lawns. Creating a community garden and composting area.And replicating Melbourne Beach’s reusable shopping-bag program to help stop plastics from entering the ocean, preventing unsuspecting sea turtles from mistaking plastic bags for tasty jellyfish.

Wednesday night, the Satellite Beach City Council unanimously decided to create a “sustainability committee.” This is a permanent incarnation of the city’s six-member Ad Hoc Green Committee that debuted in mid-June and conducted seven meetings in 2.5 months, bolstered by help from three college interns who graduated from Satellite High.“The mission that you all have undertaken is an important one. And it’s very gratifying to see the enthusiasm that you all are bringing to this board. So I appreciate it,” Councilwoman Lorraine Gott said.

Per the “green” group’s recommendation, council members also unanimously voted to install a $4,091 electric vehicle charging station at Pelican Beach Park.Public Works Director Allen Potter said charging stations are commonly seen along beaches in South Florida cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but not in beachside Brevard — “basically, there aren’t any.”The city recycling trust fund will cover the cost, and the vendor, Semaconnect, will offer a free five-year warranty and service contract. If the EV charging station proves popular, Potter said the city may consider adding another at the Schechter Community Center on South Patrick Drive.

In the short term, the sustainability committee plans to…
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