The town’s vigilance in protecting sea turtle nests is reaping rewards.

The company that monitors the town’s shoreline during peak egg-laying and hatching season, May 1 to Oct. 31, says the 2015 season was particularly good for green turtles.

“We had approximately 8,000 nests this season on Palm Beach. About 7,200 of those were loggerheads, 690 were greens and 80 were leatherbacks,” said biologist Christine Perretta, president of Boca-based D.B. Ecological Services.

In 2014, the company documented more than 8,220 nests on Palm Beach — 7,970 loggerhead nests, 188 green nests and 65 leatherback nests.

Green turtle nests are on a rebound here, mirroring a trend at 26 state beaches monitored for nests.

Nearly 28,000 green turtle nests were documented this year, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, which began collecting marine turtle nesting data in 1989. The previous record of 25,553, set in 2013, represented a doubling of the green turtle nests found on the nearly 200 miles of Florida beaches surveyed.

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