Emory Vodka, “a new ultra-premium line of 100% corn-based, Naturally Gluten Free vodka with a unique design concept,” will “launch” a “subliminal guerrilla marketing campaign” during Art Basel Miami Beach and “the unique brand marketing platform that Art Basel and Miami Art Week provides,” according to a statement released to members of the press by those with direct knowledge of the situation.

Part of Emory Vodka’s plan of attack is “targeting the week of Art Basel in South Florida as a platform to initiate awareness on-premise—within select hotels, bars and restaurants hosting an international fanfare of art enthusiasts from across the globe.” It is a “subtle yet precision-based product placement tactic,” according to the CEO and president of Blue Vase Marketing, which is overseeing logistics for this potentially epic battle. The vodka “will be strategically poured at the most buzzworthy locations and venues, starting at the heart of this year’s mountain of Art Week events.” That mountain will be taken. It will crumble under the sheer magnitude of Emory Vodka’s guerrilla combat.

Source: New Vodka Brand Is Taking Miami Beach (By Strategy) | ARTnews
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