“It’s All About Choices,” a new book by Lieutenant General Joseph S. Laposata (Retired), has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.The bottom line of this book advises that talent is inherited but character must be learned. It’s all about the choices we make in developing our character that embellish the gift of talent, permitting us to make a positive difference in the quality of our lives.

We all know smart people who won’t focus, fail to apply themselves to productive endeavors and make choices that interrupt their lives and the lives of those close to them. Men and women of average talent but with an undeniable strength of character often outpace these smart people who are muddling through life making one bad choice after another. The stories in this book will assure you that blending talent and character is not as difficult as one might imagine. It takes a mix of persistence and determination, knowledge and wisdom and patience and compassion. Take choices seriously and change is right around the corner.

Source: Melbourne, FL Author Publishes Inspirational Stories
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