The closest most of us ever get to participating in extreme exploration is watching TV from our comfy living room couch while chomping on some chips and drinking a cool one.

A few hardy souls push limits and their exploitations adorn the pages of scientific publications and National Geographic.

There is even a club, founded in New York City in 1904, called the Explorers Club whose members are known for famous firsts (first to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, first to the surface of the moon).

Key Largo resident Ian Koblick, an explorer and aquanaut who has devoted his life to the scientific study of the oceans and the responsible use of marine resources, was awarded the club’s distinguished Lowell Thomas award for ocean exploration. He and his partner Craig Mullen have carried four Explorers Club flags in the past six years.

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