KEY WEST– Though not geographically fused to the mainland, Key West is a part of Florida.

It’s also nothing like the rest of Florida; it’s a little like noting that Manhattan is part of New York.

The most famous of Florida’s keys may be official territory of the Sunshine State, but it’s a small strip of real estate so renowned for its unparalleled island culture, it almost seems appropriate to brandish a passport upon entry. At approximately 13 square kilometers, the southernmost point on the US map may still retain its reputation as an inspiring writer’s hideaway for the likes of Ernest Hemingway or the perfect escape from worldly concerns, as it was for president Harry S. Truman.

But it has also become known as an all-inclusive paradise, whether you’re a single Parrot Head or a family of four on winter break.

via Key West – A state unto its own – Not Just News – Jerusalem Post.

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