The most widely seen Iggy Pop concert was not performed by the man himself.In writer-director Todd Haynes’ 1998 cult classic Velvet Goldmine, itself a fictionalized, Citizen Kane-style account of ’70s glam rock, Jedi and Scottish sex symbol Ewan McGregor plays Curt Wild, a not-so-subtle analogue to the punk progenitor. Backed by Stooges stand-ins the Wylde Ratttz, Wild makes his first and most impactful appearance performing Pop’s “T.V. Eye” to an unreceptive crowd. In a matter of three blistering and intense minutes, the scene dutifully ticks off each item on the unofficial Iggy Pop performance checklist: From the audience antagonization and self-harm to the vulgar sexuality, every critical component of the Pop lore is present and accounted for.

Source: Iggy Pop’s Only Florida Concert Is Happening at the Fillmore Miami Beach | Miami New Times
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