I was quite disheartened a few months ago when Five Guys Burgers and Fries closed its Jacksonville Beach location.

Five Guys doesn’t offer gluten-free buns, but basically everything else about its burgers and fries are gluten free — as are the free peanuts.

One of my favorite activities is to head out to the beach to just sit and read. And when I’m finished reading, often times I would take a walk — with a gluten-free bun I had brought along from home — to Five Guys for lunch.

I would order a burger without a bun and when the workers found out I had a gluten “allergy,” they were very good about making sure they prepared a safe meal for me. I would plop the burger on my bun and have an enjoyable meal.

For the record, there is no such thing as a gluten allergy. The correct term is “gluten intolerance,” but it’s just easier to describe it as a gluten allergy when ordering in a restaurant.

Unfortunately, the closing of Five Guys severely reduced the options for a reliable gluten-free meal at places you can walk to safely from the beach, meaning east of 3rd Street.

via Gluten-Free Glutton: There aren’t too many options within a short walk from the beach | jacksonville.com.

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