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This week I’m opening a can of Cigar City Cider & Mead’s Hard Cider, their stalwart and core cider in their lineup.

But this is Florida Beer Friday, you say. Yes, this is true, but the craft cider is making a resurgence in popularity (some may claim it never left), and I felt it time to take a bit of a diversion into the realm of ciders now that Palm Beach County has its own cider producer.

What is cider? According to the Beer Judge Certification Program’s 2015 guidelines, there are 11 differing categories of cider, with this Hard Cider from Cigar City most likely falling under the New World Cider category. They are made from a variety of apple types and are typically carbonated just like beer.

Now on to the tasting…
Source: Florida Beer: Hard Cider From Cigar City Cider and Mead | New Times Broward-Palm Beach
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