A message in a bottle that sat dormant for more than three decades in Florida has connected two strangers. WXIA-TV reports Ryan Burchett found the brown glass bottle while he was fishing on Little St. Simons with friends and family. The group was walking along the shoreline, looking for seashells, when Burchett spotted the bottle. “I knew it looked a little different,” Burchett told WXIA-V. “When I held it up to the sun, I could see a note inside.” He proceeded to open the top of the bottle, but the swing top separated from the cork and fell apart. The note remained trapped inside the glass, but eventually, Burchett was able to wrap the handwritten letter around a stick and pull it out. The message read: “This bottle was set adrift off Fernandina Beach, Florida on the 10th of June, 1981. To the finder, I would appreciate it if you would respond as to where, when and found by whom. My permanent address is as follows on the back. Thanks, Douglas H. Stephens.”
Source: CBSNews.com

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