Weeks after becoming the first woman nationally to be fitted with an i-limb quantum bionic arm, Lizbeth Uzcategui continues to discover — and surprise herself with — what she can do.

The new, high-tech limb, made by Massachusetts-based Touch Bionics, allows the Fort Lauderdale resident to enjoy small movements that many people might take for granted. Things like giving a thumbs-up (or down), moving a computer mouse, shaking hands, opening up her new hand to rest her phone in it, or using the electronic thumb and index finger to pinch something.“This has been a lot more than just functional for me. It has been also emotional for me in the sense that, before, I was not happy with what I had,” said Uzcategui, 43, as she sat inside the offices at Hanger Clinic in Tamarac, Florida, where she demonstrated some of her newfound moves.

Source: First U.S. woman fitted with ‘i-limb’ appreciates every single movement | The Telegraph
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