Many people may not be aware that a practically invisible, simple white string circles above Miami Beach. This is an eruv, a ritual enclosure that some communities construct in their neighborhoods as a way to permit Jewish residents or visitors to carry certain objects outside their own homes on Sabbath and Yom Kippur.cCommentsGot something to say? Start the conversation and be the first to comment.ADD A COMMENT 0Filmmaker Aaron Davidson offers a fascinating look behind the string and its effect on life with his film, “What’s my Line.” Davidson, 25, will present the film at a sneak preview on Aug. 30 at 2 p.m. at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU (JMOF-FIU), 301 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach.

Source: Filmmaker previews film, ‘What’s My Line’ at Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU – Sun Sentinel
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