Why We Love It: It’s unpretentious and patient. One of the most fought-over towns in America (starting in 1565 when the Spanish threw out the French, only to be thrown out by the British in 1702), Fernandina Beach has learned to take what comes and take it easy.Our Favorite Inn: The Elizabeth Pointe LodgeThis 25-room seaside inn is located about 1.5 miles from the historic harbor. Guests can ride bikes, fly kites, or just watch the waves roll in. Rates start at $225.Best Place for Dinner: Le ClosChef Katherine Ewing earned degrees in pastry and cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu and trained at the Ritz in Paris before opening her restaurant in a small cottage near the Fernandina Harbor in 1997. Each item on the menu brings a taste of France to Fernandina. Order the seared Hudson Valley duck breast with mushrooms, a crème brûlée, and a cup of espresso, and you may find yourself humming La Marseillaise.

via Fernandina Beach Getaway | Southern Living.

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