Tuesday afternoon Fans of Gordon Ramsay and his shows waited to get a glimpse of the celebrity chef filming Hotel Hell in Fort Pierce.

Except for a lucky group of hotel guests selected to stay at the Beachfront Inn along with Ramsay and his crew.

“We were actually one of the lucky two tables inside while he was filming, so he was literally just a couple feet away from us. We got to eat his lunch and comment on it. It was a lot of fun,” said guest Brianna D’andrea.

It was fun for guests, but it seems chef Ramsay had some beef with his meal at the Beachfront Inn.

It was pretty fun to see him slam his hand on the table and say, ‘Oh Jesus!’ I don’t think he was pleased with the food, but we were pleased watching him,” D’andrea said.

The seaside spot will be featured on “Hotel Hell,” the show where Ramsay takes struggling hotels and turns them around with his keen eye and blunt talk.

“Gordon Ramsay is known for his TV shows and his rants and things like that, so hoping that we’ll get to experience that and be a part of that is kind of the allure,” said guest Cindy Murphins.

 Filming is expected to wrap this Friday.  The episode’s air date is unclear.

Source: Fans hope to catch glimpse of Gordon Ramsay filming in Fort Pierce | Local News – WPBF Home
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