About 150 of Jim Hutchinson’s friends braved a stormy night in Stuart last week to hear their favorite celebrated artist talk about living with the Seminoles and Miccosukees half a century ago.

Hutchinson’s paintings from those six years, well known statewide and nationally, capture not only a gone-forever way of life, but also the disappearing landscapes of Florida’s tropical wilderness.

Hutchinson’s great adventure with his wife Joan captured the imagination of his friends in Martin County, where he grew up and has lived most of his 83 years.

Named to the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2011, Hutchinson still paints. His sons Kevin, also a landscape artist, and Kelly, put together Tuesday’s slide show of photos of their parents’ camp, the people they met, and their father’s paintings. Joan is ill and could not attend.

The Elliott Museum will display about 50 James Hutchinson paintings from Dec. 18 through January, Kevin Hutchinson said.

Source: Disappearing Florida life captured in famed artists’ paintings | The Opinion Zone
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