Daytona-area musicians have been circulating a Facebook meme that playfully describes themselves: “Musician — someone who puts $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive 100 miles to a $50 gig.” Yes, Bike Week provides a spike in gigs for local musicians. Reuben “Lounge Lizard” Morgan, for example, is in the midst of playing 13 dates over 10 days. And though that online meme might just be an exaggeration, the question remains: Can full-time musicians make a living on the local scene? “There are probably less than 10 musicians, including myself, doing this full time in New Smyrna Beach,” said singer-guitarist Beartoe Aguilar, who performs roots rock and Americana as a solo act, and rock as a member of the band Heckfire.

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