Depression has been a major issue when it comes to mental health. It something that needs to be taken seriously as it is listed as one of the major causes of suicide. Just last month, Bekha Miles, 21 has been struggling with depression for several years. She then made the headlines that shook the world, shedding a light to depressed individuals to vent out what they’re going through.

Miles started her conversation by posting a photo of her tattoo on Facebook. It may seem like an ordinary tattoo, but the story behind it moved waves of emotions from individuals that are going through the same phase as hers.She placed the tattoo on her leg, where everyone can see it. From a different person’s point of view, it may read as I’m Fine, but when Miles would look down, it says “Save Me”.

Source: Bekha Miles’ Depression Tattoo Is Going Viral For The Best Reason : News : Food World News
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