If you’re new to this community, every month or so we aim to curate the top trending A1A stories, articles, and pics from the past thirty days, throw in a few shameless plugs, call it Explore A1A Today! and deliver it all straight to your inbox.

If you’re not so new to this community, you’ve realized that when it comes to publishing, sometimes our weeks turn into months and months turn into (well you get the picture). While it’s taken us a beat or two to get back on the publication track, our community has continued to grow and we’re thrilled once again, to use our monthly journal, Explore A1A Today! to showcase the truly unique and authentic in and around Florida’s favorite coastal highway.

To our A1Astonishing community of explorers both new and not so new, we thank you for all the love and encouragement you’ve shared with us along the way.

To all the other A1A inspired explorers across the globe, we invite you to join us!

With heartfelt gratitude,
Tina & Terri
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