William DeBilzan’s Art-Inspired Fashions, ROXYLULU resort wear & ready-to-wear by Jule Guaglardi, and Project Runway’s, House of Perna by Amanda Perna, are all set to flaunt their wears on the stage during New York City’s Fashion Week, next month on September 11th, 2015 at Hudson Terrace, located at 621 West 46th Street, New York, New York, 10036.William DeBilzan is an impressionistic artist, known for his unique signature figures, thick textures, and beautiful color pallets that tell an abstract story of his bohemian lifestyle. With galleries in popular international tourists cities, such as Laguna Beach, California, Key West, Florida and Delray Beach, Florida, DeBilzan’s art-work as well as his translated accessories and fashions, have become an internationally known collectible for art lovers.

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