Over a lifetime, every American throws away nearly 15 tons of stuff. We toss it, flush it and just leave it behind. Winds blow our junk from landfills, picnic tables and beach blankets. Sometimes we just we open our hands let it sail off on purpose. Much of it ends up in our seas.The Conservation Science Institute reports that between 60 and 80 percent of marine debris is plastic. It pollutes the water and can kill or injure marine life when they become entangled in it or swallow it.

Some of our plastic stuff looks delicious to hungry sea creatures.Dr. Doug Mader at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida, explained that sea turtles are a little like billy goats. They’ll eat anything. Sea turtles gulp down plastic bags, food wrappers, balloons—anything that may look like jellyfish, one of their favorite foods. This often causes intestinal blockage. Without help, the turtle is not able to eliminate the plastic, and it becomes his last supper…
Source: A lot of plastic finds its way to the ocean
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