The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is a quaint yellow building with stately palm trees and well-landscaped shrubbery. Usually, it’s the art inside that’s controversial — not the politics surrounding the place. But over the summer, Jane Hart, who had been curator for eight years and who was instrumental in building the center’s reputation as a standout in the contemporary art scene, left the institution amid rumors of friction with administrators.

As “an act of solidarity,” two high-profile curators who were slated to serve as jurors for a major upcoming art show — the Seventh All-Media Juried Biennial — likewise stepped down.Though the well-loved Hart has not been replaced, the center seems to be managing fine so far with the help of independent curators.

Another admired denizen of the local art scene, Michelle Weinberg, stepped in to save the day just in time for the biennial, which opens this week. One of the most significant art events in the state, the show takes place every other year and is open to emerging and established artists who reside in Florida. Awards to be presented: Best in Show; first, second, and third places; and honorable mentions. Those come with cash prizes, from $400 to $2,000.

Weinberg, the creative director of Girls’ Club gallery in Fort Lauderdale, curated the show…
Source: 88 Pieces Made It Into the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood’s Biennial Show | New Times Broward-Palm Beach
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